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Netflix The Gray Man Metaverse Mission

Millions of people watch movies. But few ever get to star in them. For Netflix’s release of CIA thriller The Gray Man, we decided to change that.

Using a little something called the metaverse, we created a portal into the film, then invited everyone to step inside.

The Challenge

How can big budget productions meet the modern audience’s desire for a deeper cinematic experience?

As the line between the real and the virtual starts to blur, audience expectations are steadily rising. When they marvel at these imaginary worlds, they no longer just want to spectate –they want to be involved.

The most elite unit in the metaverse

To identify the next generation of Gray Men, we designed a special mission set within the metaverse. First, we reconstructed the final maze scene from the film in intricate detail, from the crunching sound of the gravel pathways through to the cracks on the marble statues. Then, Ryan Gosling invited the audience to test their skills as agents by navigating through the maze using their digital avatars in search of an encrypted drive. On securing the drive, players gained access to a secret room where they could see their completion time and claim limited-edition wearable NFTs inspired by characters from the film.

The results

Forget Vanity Fair or The New York Times, when it comes to film critique in the metaverse, it’s all about people like Kevin. Or KevinOnEarth999 to give him his full name. And like hundreds of others, the moment Kevin got his NFT wearable reward in the form of a Trash ‘Stache, the shit got real:

“Think this is it... Lloyd’s Trash Polo, here we go... alright, where’s my moustache though? Here it is. Oh my...yes! Oh my yes! All I can say is yes! 100% yes!”

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