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Coors Light Ice Pack

We came up with the perfect packaging for the World’s Most Refreshing Beer™, one that could endure even the hottest time of the year in tropical Puerto Rico.

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Beer lovers know Coors Light is the World's Most Refreshing Beer™, but how can we share that message with the public during summertime? With the perfect six-pack that keeps beer at its perfect temperature: ice cold.


The World’s Most Refreshing Beer™ needed the world’s most refreshing packaging

Summer's high temperatures make it hard for Puerto Rican consumers to keep their Coors Light beer at the perfect temperature: ice cold. We found a way to honor its title as the World’s Most Refreshing Beer™ by putting together the most refreshing packaging ever created: a zero-waste six pack made entirely out of ice that kept their favorite beer cold despite challenging conditions.


Coors Light Perfect Pack: A fully ice-made packaging that stores beer at its ideal temperature

We were challenged to create a specially designed 3D model prototype that would keep Coors Light beer ice cold for beachgoers. Our team created a zero-waste, sustainable packaging that let Puerto Ricans experience “El frío del verano” at the place they enjoy the most. The ice packs were offered as gifts during beach takeovers at Alambique, Jobos, and other beaches. The crowd enjoyed their Coors Light Perfect Packs and shared them on their Instagram stories.

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