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Space Jam

Enter the Tune world with a 360 filter designed for the movie Space Jam 2.

Using 2D assets, we created a 360 background that produced an immersive effect within the Tune world for the long-awaited movie release of Space Jam 2 by Warner Bros.


A filter made with 2D elements and a completely immersive environment

This project posed several challenges. It was our first time creating a 360 environment. We also had to make sure this visual content was as light and optimized as possible so it could be used as a filter for video calls. We put together a cube inside Spark where the camera served as the user’s fixed point of view, so no matter where they turned, they could see a part the environment. 2D assets allowed us that make the scene feel dynamic using all sorts of smaller animations.


A 360 Tune world video call experience

The fun starts with Tunes City in the background and some of the characters on the scene. Many of them are hidden and users get to discover them as they navigate the environment. By turning 180°, they can see the famous Tunes desert, while additional characters appear along with basketballs that vanish with a glitch effect when they hit the ground.


A video call from the Tune world

Users could call their friends from the Tune world and be surrounded by iconic Looney Tunes characters, as they become part of their wacky crew.

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