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Mercado Libre HBO

We teamed up with Mercado Libre to celebrate the 10th anniversary of HBO’s biggest series “Game of Thrones” in a very innovative way.

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By partnering with Mercado Libre, we added a QR Code to every package they delivered to launch an augmented reality filter that allowed users to make a dragon appear anywhere they wanted. Dracarys!


Mercado Libre set out to celebrate HBO’s "Game of Thrones’" Iron Anniversary with Ice and Fire

It’s been 10 years since the first episode of "Game of Thrones" was aired. To relive the hype it caused from day one, HBO reissued all 8 seasons of the most-watched series of all time. In order rise to the occasion, we partnered with Mercado Libre to bring users an experience as full of excitement and magic as the "Song of Ice and Fire."


We used Augmented Reality to include a highly detailed fire-spitting dragon in every package

Users found a QR code in the corner of the boxes their orders came in. They could scan it using their phone's camera to activate the AR filter that brought to life a highly detailed dragon that came out of a burning corner of the box, spitting fire, and inviting users to join HBO through Mercado Libre so they could live the excitement of watching the show from the beginning.


Users received a grown dragon with their orders that made their delivery experience even more exciting

Several influencers and users all over Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico lived an experience as exciting as the "Song of Ice and Fire" from the comfort of their own homes.