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XPlash - Mercado Libre VR Training

A solution for companies that are growing exponentially and want to help develop their staff's work skills.

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"The immersion into the operational virtual reality packing was very good, amazing details and interaction.”


An immersive and entertaining work training experience that could help improve learning curves

Mercado Libre's known for its non-stop growth and innovation. There's a constant influx of new employees who need a quick and effective way to be trained to offer excellent service.

Our client Xplash faced the challenge of developing an immersive job training solution for the brand. Our main focus was the packaging process—a key part of their operation and one of the most sensitive elements of their customer service experience.


Virtual Reality as a tool for work efficiency

After a comprehensive mapping process, our team was able to recreate the different steps of the packing procedure. This VR training experience was designed so it could be implemented in Mercado Libre’s four distribution centers located in São Paulo.

The main goal of this pilot project is to measure the effectiveness of immersive learning, compared to a control group that doesn’t use this kind of training. The final product is scalable and allows the addition of new virtual objects through CMS.

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