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Nike AirMax

We created an AR experience that helped Nike redefine sneaker culture among women with the help of one of Mexico’s most iconic queer and feminist artists.

As one of the main pillars of the 2021 Nike Air Max Campaign, the Max Accelerator Program actively joined Mar Maremoto’s cause to redefine sneaker culture from a feminist point of view.


Join the cause and amplify the artist’s message, redefining women’s role in sneaker culture

The campaign seeks to highlight each different personality and embrace individuality. Nike Max Accelerator wanted to celebrate the inventive spirit and drive new ideas that would complement Mar Maremoto's, an illustrator and textile designer who's an important activist in the queer and feminist community. We found a way to make Nike a supporter of the cause and created a tool that allows users to be an active part of the process by expressing themselves within the artist’s platform and message.


A set of AR filters that represented the cause's emblematic flag and made it tangible

Using Meta’s Spark AR, we developed a set of two filters that not only served an aesthetic purpose, but amplified the artist's message. The selfie filter places different elements of the illustrations in the user's environment at different depths. These elements respond to different movements to ensure that the art is present without being invasive. The world camera filter symbolizes the flag that represents the cause and can be incorporated into any environment the user chooses, showing the illustration’s elements in 3D with subtle animations and easter eggs.


Nike made a statement as a supporter of a big cause and helped spread an important message

Nike became an active part of the cause, promoting the importance of women's role in sneaker culture by supporting Mar Maremoto's efforts to generate a community of girls and women throughout the world who want to reclaim a space they've been excluded from. By creating a tool for users to express themselves, Nike stepped away from the spotlight, honoring the importance of the cause, and understanding that it was not the brand’s role to be the protagonist. The goal was to join a conversation that was already taking place in everyday life.

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