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The HY Project

Since 2020, it has become mandatory for electric and hybrid vehicles to emit sound as they go. So, we asked ourselves: what if we could make this sound contribute to the well-being of our environment?

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We partnered with Toyota and to create the very first EV sound device.

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Is it possible for a sound to contribute to the well-being of our environment?

Worldwide studies on the effect sound can have on plants have shown that they react to vibrations created by certain frequencies. Upon further research, some patterns were discovered. Based on this information, we were able to discover a sound spectrum that demonstrated positive results both in plant growth and nutrient absorption. With that data, our team designed the first sound that benefits the environment.


Create an electric car sound that benefits the environment

We searched for the sound with the least possible bandwidth in terms of frequency, one that wouldn't overpower environmental sounds. We decided to go even further and explore the way certain species effectively communicate. Our team faced a very interesting challenge that not only implied thinking about the noise these electric or hybrid cars would make, but also coming up with a way to create one that, instead of being detrimental to the environment the way traditional cars are, could slowly start to benefit it.


The product is being tested on cars in Latin America

The Hy Project has the support of Uruguay's Government through its Office of Development and Promotion of Innovation Projects. The technology is currently being implemented on Toyota’s new hybrid models throughout Latin America.